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Lilach Gilboa

Dr. Lilach Gilboa

Dr. Lilach Gilboa was awarded the Krill Prize for Excellence in Scientific Research

The adult stem cell unit: Niches are in red. Cap cells (barbed arrowhead) are tightly associated with germ-line stem cells (outlined). Germ-line stem cells carry a spherical organelle - a fusome - which is asymmetrically localized to the side of the cap cells (arrow). Once the stem cell divides, one daughter cell loses contact with the niche and differentiates (green). The fusome in a differentiating germ cell becomes branched (arrowhead)

Nature has an ingenious method for orchestrating stem cell development.

Dr. Lilach Gilboa

Dr. Lilach Gilboa: "I hope to reveal the orchestrated steps by which cells of different kinds come together to form a...

Dr. Lilach Gilboa. The nature of the niche

The ovaries of fruit fly larvae hold clues to basic principles of development, stem cells and cancer