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Materials science

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A new mathematical analysis could help solve the age-old problem of cracks

How the Sea Urchin Grows New Spines

A study revealing the secrets of a natural engineering marvel could help in the design of new materials

Nanotubes Form Along Atomic Steps
The Weizmann Institute of Science today announced that a research group headed by Dr. Ernesto Joselevich has developed a new...
Brittlestar is sensitive to changes in light

Weizmann Institute scientists discover that the brittlestar, long thought to be sightless, is all eyes

New Products and Processes
Chemistry was the first discipline established at the Weizmann Institute, and its chemists continue to make their mark in...
Sea Urchins May Inspire Development of Stronger Materials

Tough yet light-weight -- Institute scientists reveal the secrets of sea urchin spines

Soap Bubbles and Silicon Chips

With soap bubbles and a photocopier, Dr. Joel Stavans is revealing the properties of numerous materials