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Membrane Research and Biophysics

Prof. Ada Yonath was nominated Honors Program Lecturer at New York University School of Medicine; received the 2008 Linus Pauling Gold Medal from Stanford University; and was named George E. Palade Distinguished Lecturer and Gold Medal recipient at Wayne State University.

Prof. Ora Kedem is a membrane research pioneer

Prof. Haim Garty
Prof. Haim Garty's relationship with the Institute began at age 2, when his family immigrated from Bulgaria to Rehovot...
Key Step in Activating Immune System Discovered
REHOVOT, Israel - February 6, 1997 - A gene that plays a key role in activating the immune system -- and perhaps...
Improved Bone Marrow Transplants in Leukemia Patients

Potentially life-saving bone marrow transplants are carried out on the first leukemia patients

Mechanism of Blood Pressure Regulation Clarified

A control mechanism for sodium channels in the kidneys may aid in formulating drugs for hypertension

New Water Softener Provides Alternative to Ion Exchange

A new, non-polluting method of producing soft water, based on a Weizmann Institute invention, is entering production

Two Proteins with Therapeutic Potential Discovered
New compounds may help combat septic shock and cerebral malaria
Biological Sensors Devised by Institute Scientists

A new, highly sensitive biosensor may detect drugs or explosives