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Michal Irani

Prof. Michal Irani

Prof. Michal Irani has been awarded the Rothschild Prize in Mathematics/Computer Science and Engineering

Prof. Abraham "Edek" Blaugrund in his physics lab

After joining the Weizmann Institute in the 1950s, Prof. Abraham "Edek" Blaugrund made significant contributions to the field of plasma...

The "Before image" of Visual Summarization

The new method could put an end to fuzzy, cropped thumbnail images

Mixed Media | Guy Goldstein. Pencil and graphite on paper, 2011
An algorithm for zooming in on repeating elements in images and videos can help reconstruct missing information
Degrees of Similarity
What makes two pictures, or two people, look alike to us? Why does one voice remind us of another? How can we tell if two genes, or...