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Olfactory system

olfactory bulbs

A handful of left-handed women have excellent senses of smell, despite lacking olfactory bulbs

The olfactory fingerprint of the person in the middle remains consistent, even after 30 days (right), but is very different from that of another person (left)

Weizmann Institute Scientists develop an “olfactory fingerprint” test that may do more than just identify individuals

smoked fish

Volunteers smoked less after a night of olfactory conditioning


Call in the Taste Tailors

Why taste and smell differ among individuals – and how industry may profit

How Humans Lost Their Scents
In at least one type of endeavor, humans can’t even begin to compete with their best friends. Dogs can be trained...
How the Nose Knows
Whether sniffing flowers, fresh-baked bread or the fumes of a passing automobile, the human olfactory system is an...