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Optical imaging

The experimental set-up

Weizmann Institute scientists present a new method for imaging individual electrons

(l-r) Ori Katz, Eran Small and Prof. Yaron Silberberg. Under the skin
A new method of adjusting laser beams may enable them to focus on a point under the skin...
Prof. Asher Friesem
Prof. Asher Friesem was among the first in the world to become involved in the technology of planar optics. In this technology,...
Imaging Method Reveals Remarkable 'Architecture' of the Working Brain
REHOVOT, Israel - December 16, 1997 - With thousands of neurons firing signals in all directions and forming trillions of possible...
From Plato to Grinvald

Prof. Amiram Grinvald's research is the latest word in our understanding...