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Particle accelerator

Illustration depicting particle collisions

The long and complicated journey to detect the Higgs boson, which started with one small step about 25 years ago, might finally have reached its...

W particle produced in a collision in the ATLAS experiment, triggered by Weizmann-made detectors (red lines). Image: the ATLAS Experiment at CERN
The hunt is on for solving the riddle of the source of mass in the Universe
Countries in the SESAME project

A particle accelerator being built in Jordan may serve to accelerate peace in the region

Dr. Elisabetta Boaretto and Prof. Steve Weiner. Flint feats

Institute scientists "dig up the dirt" on early tools

Weizmann's Particle Detectors Used In International Collider Project

Weizmann Institute Particle Detectors Used To Explore Primordial Matter In International Collider Project


Re-creating the Big Bang
Racing beams of gold ions are colliding. Physcists are hoping the impact will recreate the Big Bang
May the One-and-Only Force Be with You

The hunt for the Higgs is on, with help from Weizmann Institute physicists

Moon Tug on Giant Accelerator Detected

A overlooked design flaw in the LEP accelerator's particle detectors has been corrected

New Uses for Veteran Accelerators

Scientists use the Institute's three accelerators to investigate everything from calcium in the body to radiation in outer...