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Particle detector

Weizmann Wins International “Pretend Experiment”

In preparation for the real search for the Higgs boson, physicists around the world practiced finding clues among huge...

(l-r) Graduate student Alexandre Kozlov, Prof. Zeev Fraenkel, Prof. Itzhak Tserruya, Dr. Ilia Ravinovich, and graduate student Alexander Cherlin. An international experiment
What did the Universe look like in its first millionth of a second? Scientists may have an answer
Experiment May Help Size Up Neutrinos
Our planet is bombarded every second with a large number of chargeless, seemingly massless, particles that originate in nuclear...
Prof. Eli Waxman

Particle detectors twice the size of the Eiffel Tower sunk deep in the Antarctic ice may be the next frontier in space exploration

Weizmann's Particle Detectors Used In International Collider Project

Weizmann Institute Particle Detectors Used To Explore Primordial Matter In International Collider Project


Centers of Excellence: Particle Detectors

Physicsts are constructing 8,000 sq. meters of detectors in preparation for experiments in the worlds' largest particle...

Moon Tug on Giant Accelerator Detected

A overlooked design flaw in the LEP accelerator's particle detectors has been corrected