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Particle detector

(l-r) Tova Presman, Anna Weisman, Helen Katz, Gila Udi, Yaffa Berko, Anat Shaibin, Nitzhona Akshuti and Geula Issachar

They came to work on physics experiments – and found life-long friends

Detectors for high-energy cosmic neutrinos are buried under the Antarctic ice

High energy neutrinos from the Universe’s far reaches carry clues to their mysterious sources

Illustration depicting particle collisions

The long and complicated journey to detect the Higgs boson, which started with one small step about 25 years ago, might finally have reached its...

Dr. Hagar Landsman at the geographical South Pole

Work on specialized particle detectors takes Dr. Hagar Landsman from Antarctic ice to Italian underground caves.

(l-r) Ofer Vitells, and Profs. Amos Breskin, Eilam Gross and Ehud Duchovni. Waiting for dark matter

A search for possible dark matter candidates has narrowed the possibilities. 

 WIMP detection principle in the XENON100 experiment
Weizmann Institute scientists participate in the most sensitive search yet for dark matter candidates called WIMPs.
Prof. Zeev Vager
Prof. Zeev Vager and his Weizmann colleagues developed innovative radiation detectors based on...
Dr. Jun Miyamoto
At the beginning of 2006, Dr. Jun (Yona) Miyamoto immigrated to Israel with...
An Israeli-Pakistani team at the “Atlas” experimental station
The biggest physics experiement ever undertaken is about to begin. Weizmann Institute scientists will have front-...
First Matter

A new particle detector built at the Weizmann Institute of Science will help probe the primordial universe