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Particle Physics

Multi-National Team of Physicists, Including Weizmann Institute Scientists:
"Promising indications that we may have succeeded in reproducing matter as it first appeared in the universe right...
Experiment May Help Size Up Neutrinos
Our planet is bombarded every second with a large number of chargeless, seemingly massless, particles that originate in nuclear...
Left: One sting divides into two. Right: two strings unite

String theory is music to physicists' ears

Weizmann's Particle Detectors Used In International Collider Project

Weizmann Institute Particle Detectors Used To Explore Primordial Matter In International Collider Project


Re-creating the Big Bang
Racing beams of gold ions are colliding. Physcists are hoping the impact will recreate the Big Bang
May the One-and-Only Force Be with You

The hunt for the Higgs is on, with help from Weizmann Institute physicists

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and DNA Damage

A gas bubble that mimics DNA is helping scientists understand radiation damage in the body

The Watery Birth of Stars
Logically, stars should not exist. They are born when clouds of interstellar gas collapse inwardly under their own weight,...
3-D Glasses for Robots

World media report: A clever double camera system turns 2-D to 3-D