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Particle Physics

W particle produced in a collision in the ATLAS experiment, triggered by Weizmann-made detectors (red lines). Image: the ATLAS Experiment at CERN
The hunt is on for solving the riddle of the source of mass in the Universe
(l-r) Marco Cortesi, Dr. Rachel Chechik, Prof. Amos Breskin and Dr. Sana Shilstein. Using medical intelligence
A new approach to diagnosing prostate cancer could improve outcomes
Dr. Jun Miyamoto
At the beginning of 2006, Dr. Jun (Yona) Miyamoto immigrated to Israel with...
Prof. Daniel Zajfman

Today, the Board of Governors of the Weizmann Institute of Science elected Prof. Daniel Zajfman the...

An Israeli-Pakistani team at the “Atlas” experimental station
The biggest physics experiement ever undertaken is about to begin. Weizmann Institute scientists will have front-...
First Matter

A recreation of the first matter in the Universe suggests it may have behaved like a liquid

Prof. Yitzhak Maron. Creating a hot, dense plasma

How does one harness a tiger to a shopping cart? Contain explosive energy in a bottle? And why do it?

Top (l-r): Dr. Ernesto Lozano-Tellechea, Dr. Shesansu Sekhar Pal, Prof. Micha Berkooz, Prof. Ofer Aharony. Middle: Dr. Bartomeu Fiol, Dori Reichmann, Tomer Volansky. Bottom: Assaf Patir, Boaz Katz

Physicists are striving to show that all known particles are the product of an ancient component, which they’ve dubbed a “string,” and that all...

Weizmann Wins International “Pretend Experiment”

In preparation for the real search for the Higgs boson, physicists around the world practiced finding clues among huge...

(l-r) Graduate student Alexandre Kozlov, Prof. Zeev Fraenkel, Prof. Itzhak Tserruya, Dr. Ilia Ravinovich, and graduate student Alexander Cherlin. An international experiment
What did the Universe look like in its first millionth of a second? Scientists may have an answer