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Plant disease

Beet-colored tomatoes

Pigments made by beets may help boost resistance to disease and the nutrition value of crops

3) dormancy and 4) explosive growth

An up-to-date report on the war raging on the surface of your fruit

(l-r) Drs. Olga Davydov and Nardy Lampl, Prof. Robert Fluhr, Drs. Ofra Budai-Hadrian and Thomas Roberts. Secrets to growth
Understanding plants’ survival systems could help reduce agricultural losses. ...
Prof. Emeritus Esra Galun
In the 1950s, Prof. Emeritus Esra Galun’s research focused mainly on hybrid seed production in cucumbers and melons and on breeding...
Prof. Emeritus Esra Galun
Prof. Emeritus Esra Galun developed a method for transferring intracellular organelles (mitochondria...
Higher Yields, Lower Pollution

A common soil microorganism is helping "fight fungus with fungus"

New President of the Weizmann Institute of Science
The Board of Governors of the Weizmann Institute of Science has elected Prof. Ilan Chet to the position of...
Genes Enabling Tomatoes to Resist Wilt Disease Discovered
Findings will Facilitate Tomato Breeding

REHOVOT, Israel -- April 23,...