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Ron Diskin

Making Heads and Tails of Mucus Assembly

Discovering the molecular elegance of a sticky substance we take for granted may lead to better protection against infections and inflammation...

Dr. Ron Diskin

Dr. Ron Diskin is the recipient of a Scientific Council Prize for Chemistry

The Ultimate Decoy and Antibodies in the Fight Against Coronavirus

Dr. Ron Diskin of the Weizmann Institute's Structural Biology Department is concentrating his efforts on a two-pronged research...


The molecule points the way toward treating viruses that cross from animals to humans

antibodies against ebola virus

Scientists in Israel and Germany show, on the molecular level, how an experimental vaccine offers long-term protection against the disease

TB binding structure

Solving the structure of a multi-enzyme bacterial complex may help antibiotics do their job against the deadly disease 

A Binding Relationship

A Weizmann Institute of Science study shows how a deadly virus gets into cells

Mutations Trump Invasion

The process of HIV infection is just one of the subjects protein researcher Dr. Ron Diskin is investigating in his new lab