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Topological material

topological diagram

Combining materials science, experimental and theoretical physics, a long-term study paves the way to new designed materials with multiple...

electron channels show opposite directions of flow

The mysterious ties between a “magnetic monopole,” topology and electrons in one-atom-thick material are revealed

Weyl semi-metal

In unique “semi-metals,” electrons dive inside and emerge into a new arc  In unique “semi-metals,” electrons dive inside and emerge into...

The hourglass like energy-momentum relation in a Weyl material

In Dr. Binghai Yan’s research, novel materials pave the way to new discoveries in physics

(l-r) Yoav Lahini, Mor Verbin, Yaacov Kraus, Oded Zilberberg and Zohar Ringel

What happens when five physics students from four different labs put their heads together?