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X-ray crystallography

Prof. Ada Yonath.

Uncovering the exact modes of action of five different antibiotics may help the design of better drugs in the future

Scientists Uncover The Exact Mode Of Action Of Five Antibiotic Drugs
Researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science and Germany's Max-Planck Society have discovered how five antibiotic drugs...
 Dr. Gitay Kryger, Prof. Israel Silmam, and Prof. Joel Sussman

Scientists attempting to catch an enzyme in action got unique 3-D footage of radiation damage, instead

Prof. Ada Yonath.

Key progress by Weizmann Institute scientists in the race to unravel the ribosome's structure

X-Rays May Show The Way To Better Alzheimer's Drugs
Weizmann Institute scientists have elucidated the means by which a plant substance blocks a key brain enzyme involved in...
Study Shows How Ancient Chinese Herb May Act As Alzheimer Drug
REHOVOT, Israel -- January 1, 1997 -- A new Weizmann Institute...
Sea Urchins May Inspire Development of Stronger Materials

Tough yet light-weight -- Institute scientists reveal the secrets of sea urchin spines