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X-ray crystallography

Scientists Uncover The Exact Mode Of Action Of Five Antibiotic Drugs
Researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science and Germany's Max-Planck Society have discovered how five antibiotic drugs...
 Dr. Gitay Kryger, Prof. Israel Silmam, and Prof. Joel Sussman

Scientists attempting to catch an enzyme in action got unique 3-D footage of radiation damage, instead

Prof. Ada Yonath.

Key progress by Weizmann Institute scientists in the race to unravel the ribosome's structure

X-Rays May Show The Way To Better Alzheimer's Drugs
Weizmann Institute scientists have elucidated the means by which a plant substance blocks a key brain enzyme involved in...
Study Shows How Ancient Chinese Herb May Act As Alzheimer Drug
REHOVOT, Israel -- January 1, 1997 -- A new Weizmann Institute...
Sea Urchins May Inspire Development of Stronger Materials

Tough yet light-weight -- Institute scientists reveal the secrets of sea urchin spines