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Weizmann Institute Annual Reports


Annual Report 2000



The Limits of Computing 
One problem a computer will never be able to solve: Will a computer running a given program stop at the end of the process? This problem cannot be solved by any machine.

Order Out of Chaos 
Mathematical chaos theory tells us that it is impossible to predict the distant future in a chaotic system.

A Star Is Born 
This research will help us to understand the underlying structure of matter and the creation of stars, as well as to develop more efficient industrial processes.

On the Track of Cosmic Radiation 
An American research satellite and radiation detector complexes to be set up in Japan, the United States, Argentina, and the South Pole, will attempt to prove a theory that tracks the source of cosmic radiation.

Cancer under Siege 
A novel technique allows for the selective destruction of a malignant growth without damage to healthy tissue

A Society of Neurons
Every nerve cell in the brain is an individual, but its actions are meaningful only if examined within the context of the entire nervous system's "social array."