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Weizmann Institute Annual Reports


Annual Report 2004


Man's Search for Meaning
How does the brain piece together the signals reaching it from the eye to make sense of our world?

Life on a String
Physicists are striving to show that all known particles are the product of an ancient component, which they’ve dubbed a “string,” and that all the forces of nature are none other than different aspects of this primordial force

Cell Talk 
The pioneering research by Schreiber and others will advance the development of algorithms targeting a better understanding of protein communication - insights into which hold much promise for medicine and pharmaceuticals

The Art of Folding
Numerous breakthroughs in the fields of genetics and biochemistry have led to the recognition that protein folding in the cell is a highly controlled and complex process.

Mending the Human Machine
Prof. Yair Reisner of the Weizmann Institute’s Immunology Department developed a method for successfully transplanting stem cells from the bone marrow of a partially matched donor

On Campus
The vision of “administrative excellence in the service of scientific excellence” will be further realized when every single manager and employee pursues such values as personal commitment, responsibility, professionalism, team work and service