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Abraham Minsky

Untitled (installation #3), from the Crystal Habit series | Assaf Evron. Archival inkjet print, 2010
When a mimivirus forcibly ejects its genetic material into a cell, it sends along building materials to make a “virus factory”
Prof. Abraham Minsky

Prof. Abraham Minsky was appointed Head of the Structural Biology Department and Head of the Joseph and Ceil Mazer Center for Structural Biology...

DNA invades the host cell through a star-shaped opening
A giant virus must be efficient to get its DNA into the host cell
Invasion Strategy of the World's Largest Virus
Weizmann Institute scientists reveal the invasion strategy of the world’s largest virus
Nathan Zauberman: student in the Organic Chemistry Department

How does a virus penetrate a living cell wall? And in what ways does this intruder disrupt life inside the cell? These questions are central to...

Deinococcus radiodurans
What gives a bacterium the ability to withstand 3000 times more radiation than humans?...
 Survival of the Neatest
Stress makes some proteins get themselves in order
DNA Crystals Help Bacteria Respond to Stress
DNA becomes remarkably organized in bacteria that are subjected to various conditions of stress, Weizmann Institute scientists...