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Left: Natural control mechanism blocks the enzyme's zinc active site. Right: Novel antibody works as effectively as the natural control mechanism

Institute scientist  “trick” the body into blocking an enzyme that abets disease processes

Weizmann Institute Scientists Show White Blood Cells Move like Millipedes
How do white blood cells – immune system ‘soldiers’ – get to the site of infection or injury? To do so, they must crawl...
(l-r) Top: Julia Farache, Dr. Tali Feferman, Dr. Guy Shakhar and Ira Gurevich. Bottom: Orna Tal and Idan Milo. Intercepting a sneak attack
New sophisticated microscopy techniques enable Dr. Guy Shakhar to get to the bottom of immune system activity
Precise Pattern

Institute scientists show precisely how a diabetes vaccine works

The Molecular Mechanism of a Diabetes Vaccine Revealed

A team of researchers led by Prof. Irun Cohen of the Weizmann Institute of Science Immunology Department has revealed the...

Illusteration: HIV at the cell membrane
Lessons from HIV may help to treat the immune system
How HIV Disables the Cells' Call for Help
Weizmann Institute Scientists discover how an HIV protein fragment shuts down an immune response. Their finding may have...
(l-r) Parameswaran Ramakrishnan, Dr. Wangxia Wang, Prof. David Wallach, Tehila Ben Moshe and Dr. Tae Bong Kang. Resisting death

A cell "death" gene may also be crucial for cellular life

Idit Shachar.

Young immune cells may show the way to new autoimmune therapies