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Brian Berkowitz

Prof. Brian Berkowitz

Prof. Brian Berkowitz has been awarded the 2021 John Dalton Medal by the European Geosciences Union

Prof. Brian Berkowitz

Prof. Brian Berkowitz has been elected as a member of the European Academy of Sciences

Prof. Brian Berkowitz

Prof. Brian Berkowitz is the recipient of an outstanding editor award from the European Geosciences Union

Scanning electron microscope images of representative samples of (left) clean diatomite and (right) diatomite composite with zero valent iron (small white dots) and vitamin B12 (not visible)

A new kind of water treatment could break toxic chemicals in the water supply down into...

Prof. Brian Berkowitz

Prof. Brian Berkowitz was appointed Head of the Dr. Scholl Center for Water and Climate Research in his capacity as Head of the Environmental...

Prof. Brian Berkowitz


(l-r) Dr. Ishai Dror and Prof. Brian Berkowitz. Taking up the challenge

Hot water may hold the key to utilizing vast oil reserves

Prof. Brian Berkowitz. A matter of salt

An Institute study reveals yet another potential threat to this precious resource

Illustration: increasing water consumption

Weizmann Institute researchers are developing scientific approaches to efficient and sophisticated water management....

Illusteration: Looking Back on the Institute’s environmental studies
We offer here a brief history of the Institute’s environmental studies and a look at the future generation of environmental...