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Chemical Research Support

The research setup included an intake at the top of the mast. The Tara research schooner, 2016

The discovery of microplastics in the air above the ocean reveals the spread of this hazardous pollution

Zilberstein c. 1960

Yacob Zilberstein tells of his 70 years of service to the Weizmann Institute of Science


In a new method, gold nanoparticles use infrared light to create blue holograms

 The first electron microscope (Saul, RCA – EMU - 2A). (l-r) John Fany, Prof. David Danon and Dr. Yehuda Marikovsky, 1956

The story of the first electron microscope at the Institute

 Hula painted frog. Image: Frank Glaw

The Hula painted frog is not only not extinct – it is a symbol of hope