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illustration: wolves looking ahead and to the side

Uncovering the neural circuits that process "looks" may advance research into anxiety, autism and other impairments in social behavior

handshake illustration: Lee Zakai

People sniff their hands twice as much after a handshake, according to a Weizmann Institute study

Barcoded ant in the lab of Dr. Ofer Feinerman
Dr. Ofer Feinerman applies physics to understanding the collective behavior of ants
Two-, three- and four-way retinal neuron interactions on viewing a natural scene
A new approach to researching groups of neurons may one day help us understand the “language” of the brain
New Invention at the Weizmann Institute Enables Severely Disabled People to Communicate and Steer a Wheelchair by Sniffing
A unique device based on sniffing – inhaling and exhaling through the nose – might enable numerous...
Darwin’s Finch and the Evolution of Smell

Sequenced zebra finch genome hints that smell may play a role in the birds’ communication


New Method for 'Improving' Light Signals

A new proposal for reducing noise in light signals may improve optical communications