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Eilam Gross

 WIMP detection principle in the XENON100 experiment
Weizmann Institute scientists participate in the most sensitive search yet for dark matter candidates called WIMPs.
W particle produced in a collision in the ATLAS experiment, triggered by Weizmann-made detectors (red lines). Image: the ATLAS Experiment at CERN
The hunt is on for solving the riddle of the source of mass in the Universe
The God Particle

Because of the Higgs particle’s important role in this theory, Nobel laureate Leon Lederman bestowed it with the pretentious...

Prof. Eilam Gross
An Israeli-Pakistani team at the “Atlas” experimental station
The biggest physics experiement ever undertaken is about to begin. Weizmann Institute scientists will have front-...
Weizmann Wins International “Pretend Experiment”

In preparation for the real search for the Higgs boson, physicists around the world practiced finding clues among huge...

Weizmann Institute and Cambridge University Tie for First Place in Physics Competition
Over 2,000 physicists from about 50 countries are preparing for an experiment that will take place in CERN (on the...
Prof. Eilam Gross with Yaara (10) and Nuphar (15)
Prof. Eilam Gross of the Weizmann Institute's Particle Physics Department is participating...
May the One-and-Only Force Be with You

The hunt for the Higgs is on, with help from Weizmann Institute physicists

Centers of Excellence: Particle Detectors

Physicsts are constructing 8,000 sq. meters of detectors in preparation for experiments in the worlds' largest particle...