Peruvian teachers in the Blue Planet workshop
An educational module developed at the Weizmann Institute will be included in the Peruvian...
Fundamentals of Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability

A new textbook presents a comprehensive view of a highly diverse field.

(l-r) Dr. Eyal Rotenberg and Prof. Dan Yakir. Staying cool

Understanding the factors that heat, as well as cool forests may help estimate future climate change

Prof. Emanuel Mazor. Desert formations
An environmental...
Dust to Gust

The health of the Brazilian rain forest depends on dust from one valley in Africa

Illusteration: Looking Back on the Institute’s environmental studies
We offer here a brief history of the Institute’s environmental studies and a look at the future generation of environmental...
Link Between El Nino and Rainfall in Israel Discovered
REHOVOT, Israel -- June 24, 1996 -- El Nino, the periodic abnormal warming of surface water in the...
Solutions Based on Polymer Technology to be Discussed at International Conference
REHOVOT, Israel -- May 7, 1996 -- New ways to combat pollution in Mediterranean countries with the aid of polymers will be...