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Enzyme activity

A first-ever study of enzyme efficiency inside living cells reveals a surprising constraint on their activities

Water dynamics near an enzyme-collagen complex: The rates at which water molecules exchange hydrogen bonds with one another depend on the distance from the active site of the enzyme (gray) and on the type of collagen interacting with the enzyme; the different rates create a gradient of water motions, ranging from extremely fast (red) to very slow (blue and light-blue)

Water molecules in the body keep going after the main reaction is over

Prof. Irit Sagi, Dr. Dmitry Tworowski, Moran Grossman and Dr. Benjamin Born. Water dymanics

What happens when water meets protein?

A(l-r) Prof. Irit Sagi, Barak Akabayov and Ariel Solomon.
A technique for observing rapid enzyme movements in real time may help in developing better drugs
Live Footage of Enzymes

Biological molecules are now being featured on "reality TV" in the lab of Prof. Irit Sagi

New method tracking single atoms may lead to improved drug design
Prof. Irit Sagi and her team are using new and innovative methods developed at the Weizmann Institute to see real time “video...