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Gregory Falkovich

Optical image of a graphene device

Electrons in a “viscous flow” surpass conductivity limits and could lead to new types of electronic devices

Prof. Gregory Falkovich. An electric current behaving like a fluid forms a vortex (white arrows) that generates a characteristic circular heat pattern (red and orange)

Can electrons flow like liquid? 

Waves of the Future

"Tractor beams" – waves that pull, rather than push – have been created in the lab

Anna Frishman

Anna Frishman (in the group of Prof. Gregory Falkovich), was awarded an Adams Fellowship of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Prof. Gregory Falkovich
Prof. Gregory Falkovich was elected a fellow of the Institute of Physics, U.K.
Prof. Gregory Falkovich. New spin on a basic law

Scientists discover new twist on an ancient law of physics

Bring On the Rain

A new formula for predicting rain factors in whirling droplets

Sling Effect in Clouds Brings on the Rain

New formula developed by Weizmann Institute physicists may improve rain prediction

Soviet Scientists Make Their Mark

Scientists from the former Soviet Union are adding their talents to the Weizmann Institute...

Six Prizes to Weizmann Institute Scientists

REHOVOT, Israel -- June 10, 1996 -- Six outstanding Weizmann Institute scientists...