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Immune system

Prof. Michal Schwartz

Institute scientists halt progressive eyesight loss in animals afflicted with a glaucoma-like disease

Immunity's Nervous Supervisor
Our body systems are like sections in an orchestra, "conducted" by the brain. But how exactly does the brain, which is...
The Healing Connection

A innovative treatment uses an animal's own self-repair mechanism to partially reverse paralysis

Key Step in Activating Immune System Discovered
REHOVOT, Israel - February 6, 1997 - A gene that plays a key role in activating the immune system -- and perhaps...
New Concept Explains Why Mammals Can't Repair Central Nervous System Damage
REHOVOT, Israel -- September 17, 1996 -- Why is it that humans and other mammals are left permanently paralyzed...
Tuberculosis Bacteria May Protect Against Autoimmune Disease

A protein derived from the tuberculosis bacterium might protect against multiple sclerosis

Immune System Decline in the Elderly Probed
Age bone marrow cells are implicated in the decline in thymus function