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Irun Cohen

Prof. David Harel, graduate student Sol Efroni and Prof. Irun Cohen. Survival of the fittest

Of every hundred "cadet" blood stem cells, only a select few complete the immune system’s rigorous training

Prof. Irun Cohen.

Weizmann Institute scientists develop the first successful vaccine for Type 1 diabetes

Prof. David Harel, Prof. Irun Cohen, and Ph.D. student Na'aman Kam

A computer program designed for the aricraft industry is finding a new use in biology

Israeli Scientists Block the Progression of Type I Diabetes
A team of researchers led by Prof. Irun Cohen of the Weizmann Institute of Science has developed a unique approach for halting the...
Science's leading lights at the Institute, Celebrating 50

Leading research institute heads join in the Jubilee celebrations at the Institute

Illustration: Spinal cord injury and repair

Rats with spinal injuries show improvement after immune cell treatment

Heat-Shock Vaccine Stops Bacteria Dead
Autoimmunity, in which the body attacks its own tissues, has traditionally been viewed as spelling nothing but trouble. But now...
Closer Links with Industry

Yeda makes a significant contribution to the Institute research budget