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Kiryat Weizmann

Gifted high school students at the Science PArk
Gifted high school students visit industry
Laying the cornerstone for the Weizmann Institute of Science. In the center: Dr. Chaim Weizmann

1936: "It has long been the ambition of chemists to harness the sun as a direct source of energy."


Every dollar invested in scientific research helps to create industrial activities worth several dollars

Sales of Products Emanating from Weizmann Institute Research - $600 million in 1997
REHOVOT, Israel - March 19, 1998 - Approximately $600 million worth of products emanating from...
Alexander Sromin

Alexander Sromin started out with an idea for a small, efficient motor and a two-year grant from the Kiryat Weizmann Incubator...

A Powerful Idea
A shiny round motor has spun its way around the world, from an impoverished Russian laboratory to...
Kiryat Weizmann Technology Incubator Hatches Growing Business

Dr. Klara Vinokur recently recieved the 1995 Excellence Award for her project undertaken with help from the Kiryat Weizmann...

Immigrant Knowhow Creates New Products

Five new companies have already been established through the Kiryat Weizmann Incubator for Technical Entrepreneurship