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Lea Eisenbach

Prof. Lea Eisenbach

Combining two innovative treatments might help keep cancer from spreading

(l-r) bottom: Tamar Gross, Prof. Lea Eisenbach, Dr. Esther Tzehoval and Zoya Alteber; middle row: David Bassan and Adi Sharbi-Yunger; top row: Lior Roitman, Mareike Grees and Adam Solomon

New strategies might help the immune system outwit cancer cells

Cell 'Suicide' Gene Linked To Metastasis
REHOVOT, Israel - November 13, 1997 -A Weizmann Institute of Science study reported in the November 13 issue of Nature...
Research on a Potential Cancer Vaccine

World media report: Synthetic vaccine stops cancer spreading in mice

Scientific Cooperation growing between Weizmann and Egyptian Scientists

A joint conference on weed control reflects increasing scientific ties...