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Learning and memory

Dr. Nachum Ulanovsky. Neurons in flight
In his bat lab, Dr Nachum Ulanovsky is revealing secrets of learning and memory
Dr. Rony Paz. Understanding the delicate balance
Our memories are shaped through a complex interplay between the emotional and rational areas in our brains
Prof. Yadin Dudai, Uri Nili, Avi Mendelson, Nahum Stern, Rachel Ludmer, Dr. Yossi Chalamish and Efrat Furst. Hypnotic scan
Hypnosis reveals an area of the brain that represses recall
Keeping the Memories Alive
Memories aren't indelible: Institute scientists discover how to erase them
Prof. Yadin Dudai (center) with graduate students Mark Eisenberg and Tali Kobilo. Learning to forget
Bringing up a memory might help us to forget it
Ph.D. student Diego Berman (left) and Prof. Yadin dudai.

A new study may enable control over the way in which we gain new memories while updating old ones

Dr. Ehud Ahissar

A enigma concerning the role of a neurotransmitter in learning and memory is solved

The Ins And Outs Of Acetylcholine
A team of scientists from the Weizmann Institute and France's Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) has...