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Moshe Oren

Judging DNA by Its Cover

A newly-discovered molecular mechanism might explain the link between stem cells and cancer

Danit and Einat Finkelshtein

Some sets of twins even study science together. 

Genes that delay cell division exhibit reduced levels of expression (left) after exposure to a second, delayed pulse of growth factor. Those in cells receiving a single pulse (right box) maintained high expression levels

A gene that keeps cell division in check may hold clues to chemotherapy resistance. 

Eight Hours of Resistance

Why do cancer cells easily give in to the temptation to divide?

(l-r) Dr. Perry Stambolsky and Profs. Varda Rotter and Moshe Oren
Weizmann scientists celebrate three decades of research into the p53 tumor supressor research
Prof. Moshe Oren and Yaara Ofir Rosenfeld. Guarding the guardians
Cocktails:  the key word in the future fight against cancer. 
(l-r) Sharon Avkin, Leanne Toube, Prof. Zvi Livneh and Dr. Ziv Sevilya. Healthy compromise
A newly discovered molecular security mechanism puts a limit on...
Prof. Moshe Oren
Prof. Moshe Oren
Dean, Biology Faculty
Prof. Moshe Oren

Prof. Moshe Oren began his scientific career at the Institute as a Ph.D. student in 1973. He is world renowned for his research...