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Neural mechanism

Inhibitory mouse neurons – viewed under a microscope

A study of lab-grown neurons reveals a new regulatory mechanism for keeping the On-Off switches in our brain in balance

Fluorescent microscope photo of mouse cortical nerve cells (neurons) in culture infected with lentiviruses that express green fluorescent protein. From the lab of Dr. Alon Chen

What genetic and neural mechanisms give rise to our personality? Which fine tune our sexual behavior? What code programs a...

Brave Brains: Neural Mechanisms of Courage
A fascinating new study combines snakes with brain imaging in order to uncover neural mechanisms associated with ‘courage...
Dr. Rony Paz. Understanding the delicate balance
Our memories are shaped through a complex interplay between the emotional and rational areas in our brains
It’s Only a Game of Chance
A leading theory of perception has been called into question by a study at the Weizmann Institute of Science...