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Microglia cells, obtained using a mouse model developed by Prof. Stephen Jung’s team

A new kind of genetic switch can target the activities of just one type of brain cell

we all smile

Monitoring our own facial expression along with that of others is crucial in a complex social situation

Cell Reports cover: Illustration by Dr. Rita Gelin-Licht showing yeast cells mating through extensions

When yeast cells want to mate, they grow extensions in the direction of  potential partners

Working Artificial Nerve Networks
Weizmann Institute Scientists Create Working Artificial Nerve Networks
Complex Channels
Weizmann Institute scientists discover how ion channels are organized to effectively control nerve cell communication...
3-D computer reconstruction of an inhibitory neuron (white) synaptically interconnected to three pyramidal (excitatory) neurons (blue)

New studies on neurons that inhibit brain activity may shed light on such conditions as ADHD, epilepsy, and other disorders...

New Understanding Of A Key Control Mechanism In The Brain

Weizmann Institute findings could provide new insights into a wide range of neurological disorders, including Alzheimer...

Imaging Method Reveals Remarkable 'Architecture' of the Working Brain
REHOVOT, Israel - December 16, 1997 - With thousands of neurons firing signals in all directions and forming trillions of possible...