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Protein folding

 Illustration: Surfing on the DNA
Dr. Koby Levy finds that when it comes to protein stability, cause and effect are not always what they seem
(l-r): Dr. Ilan Levy, Dr. Deborah Fass, Einav Gross, Maya Bar, Tamir Klein, Roy Sirkis, Nimrod Heldman

Numerous breakthroughs in the fields of genetics and biochemistry have led to the recognition that protein folding in the cell is a highly...

First Glimpses of Folding Proteins

A new technique for following a single protein molecule reveals individual styles in folding

First Sightings of Individual Proteins as They Fold
Proteins, it appears, have taken Frank Sinatra's "I Did It My Way" close to heart. A new study published in the current issue...
Prof. Amnon Horovitz and Dr. Gilad Haran (left to right).

The next big challenge: understanding how proteins fold