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Rivka Dikstein

(l-r) Dr. Anat Bahat and Prof. Rivka Dikstein

Weizmann Institute scientists have discovered two small molecules that can cross the blood-brain barrier in mice, slowing and even reversing...

Rivka Dikstein

These molecules may prevent only some of a crucial gene's activities without affecting others

Gene Decoding Obeys Road Traffic Rules

Keeping a proper distance between "vehicles" along a gene "track" results in more efficient production of small RNA molecules

Prof. Rivka Dikstein

A newly discovered protein may present a suitably narrow target for cancer treatments

Three-dimensional structure of an enzyme, serum paraoxonase (PON1), which has been mutated in the lab of Prof. Dan Tawfik through directed evolution to endow the enzyme with new functions

From solving the structure of crystallized proteins to creating computer simulations of protein dynamics, Institute scientists...