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Robert Fluhr

3) dormancy and 4) explosive growth

An up-to-date report on the war raging on the surface of your fruit

(l-r) Drs. Olga Davydov and Nardy Lampl, Prof. Robert Fluhr, Drs. Ofra Budai-Hadrian and Thomas Roberts. Secrets to growth
Understanding plants’ survival systems could help reduce agricultural losses. ...
Chair of ASTC's Leading Edge Awards Selection Committee Dr. Dennis Schatz presenting the award to Dr. Moshe Rishpon
The EcoSphere wins an award for best visitor experience
Illustration: genetically engineered plants became resistant to disease
Research conducted at the Weizmann Institute helps protect the planet’s plant life from potentially detrimental changes in...
Closing the Technology Gap

The new Plant Genome project aims to put Israel at the forefront of global plant gene-mapping efforts

Genes Enabling Tomatoes to Resist Wilt Disease Discovered
Findings will Facilitate Tomato Breeding

REHOVOT, Israel -- April 23,...