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Rony Dahan

Combat team: A dendritic cell (right) and a T cell, both from a mouse with skin cancer, combined using the BiCE antibody (yellow)

A new kind of immunotherapy, based on crosstalk between different immune cells, could pave the way for innovative treatments of cancer and...

Tissue sample of a particularly aggressive skin cancer reveals immune cells (yellow) that express on their surfaces a “brake pedal” receptor called FcgIIb (purple); cell nuclei are in blue

Sometimes anticancer antibodies press on the gas and the brakes at the same time. New research might help them accelerate better

(l-r) Dr. Tali Feferman, Dr. Inbal Farkash, and Dr. Rony Dahan

By analyzing and comparing the antibodies produced in ill, recovering and vaccinated individuals, Weizmann scientists demonstrate different modes...

Talitha Kotzé (l) and Grace Mayuni (r) have at the Institute since January

Two guest students from Africa: Grace and Talitha