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Tsvee Lapidot

Bones Hold the Key to Blood Renewal
Though we think of them as solid and permanent, our bones are actually constantly being rebuilt throughout our lives. A team of...
Stem Cells On Call

How does the liver call for replacement cells from the bone marrow?

How the Liver Cries for Help
Stem cells in the bone marrow become liver cells in response to an alarm

They still don't have a...
Prof. Tsvee Lapidot and Ph.D. student Isabelle Petit. Raising anchor

A newly-discovered "anchors aweigh" mechanism may aid in collecting stem cells for transplant

Bone Marrow Transplants May be Improved Due to the Uncovering of a Key Mechanism Responsible for Stem Cell Mobilization
Weizmann Institute scientists have uncovered a mechanism that enables stem cells to exit the bone...
The Benefits of Immaturity
A method developed in Institute labs could keep stem cells "fresh" for longer
New Molecule Boosts Stem Cell Survival
Weizmann Institute researchers have developed a molecule that allows blood stem cells - the body's most primitive, immature...
To the Marrow
When bone marrow transplants fail, it might be because the cells miss their signal
Bone Marrow Transplants May Be Improved

Bone Marrow Transplants May Be Improved Thanks To Discovery Of A Key Mechanism Underlying Human Stem Cell Migration...