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Vivian Teichberg

Bringing Down Barriers

An unusual protein sequence may help drugs cross the brain-blood barrier

Prof. Vivian Teichberg. New support for the approach
Two recent studies could point the way toward...
Hope for Stroke Victims
Two new studies from Spain provide conclusive evidence that an approach developed at the Weizmann Institute could speed...
Prof. Vivian Teichberg

Prof. Vivian Teichberg of the Weizmann Institute’s Neurobiology Department has developed a new method for removing dangerous surplus...

Prof. Vivian Teichberg. Quick release
A method for preventing brain damage following stroke or head trauma set for testing
Pacman in the Brain: Protein Chews up Vital Memory Chemical
What does the human brain have in common with a popular video game and a carnivorous flower? At least one thing, it turns out. A...
Scientists Brainstorm to Find Cure for Tourette Syndrome
REHOVOT, Israel -- July 10, 1996 -- An intensive effort to shed light on Tourette syndrome -- the...