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Yair Reisner

Prof. Yair Reisner
Prof. Yair Reisner developed mice with functioning human immune systems. These laboratory animals can be used for research on a...
Bone Marrow Transplant
Using laboratory animals, Prof. Yair Reisner developed the concept of “megadose” bone marrow transplants. The approach, developed...
Improving the Odds

A new method for bone marrow transplantation from mismatched donors restores the immune system faster

Time-Tested Transplants
Transplanting tissue at the right stage could help blood clot in hemophiliacs
A Transplant in Time

Weizmann Institute Scientists demonstrate how tissues transplanted from pig embryos might, in the future, present a...

(l-r) Dr. Smadar Even Tov Friedman, Prof. Yair Reisner and Dalit Tchorsh. Timing

Insulin-producing cells grown in pig embryos and harvested at just the right time might help cure type 1 diabetes, in the...

Successful Transplantation from Pig Embryos to Mice
Millions of diabetics face a lifetime of daily injections to replace the insulin their bodies fail to produce, as well as a host of...
Prof. Yair Reisner. Perfect timing
Timing may be the key to growing tissue for transplant
Allicin Wonderland

Weizmann Institute Scientists “weaponize” an antibody to deliver continuous attacks on cancer cells

Optimal Time Windows for Successful Embryonic Tissue Transplant

Scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science have determined distinct gestational time windows for the growth of...