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Yair Reisner

Prof. Yair Reisner

Prof. Yair Reisner has been elected a Member of the Israel Academy of Science and Humanities

Prof. Yair Reisner

Prof. Yair Reisner is the recipient of the EMET Prize in Life Sciences - Bio-Medicine Awarded by the A.M.N. Foundation.

Prof. Yair Reisner

Prof. Yair Reisner is the recipient of the DKMS Mechtild Harf Science Award.

New lung cells are continuously created to replace the damaged ones: Lung tissue six weeks after stem cell transplantation (left) and 16 weeks after transplantation (right). Cells that originated in the transplanted stem cells are green, as opposed to the uncolored host lung cells. Photon-2 microscope image

Transplanted cells made their way to the lungs in mice and began producing healthy tissue


Prof. Yair Reisner

Prof. Yair Reisner is the recipient of the Ernest and Bonnie Beutler Award

Prof. Yair Reisner

Prof. Yair Reisner is the recipient of the Rappaport Prize for Biomedical Sciences

Veto on Disease

Making certain bone marrow cells less toxic may lead the way to safer transplants

Prof. Yair Reisner

Prof. Yair Reisner is the recipient of the Samuel and Paula Elkales Prize for Scientific Excellence in Medicine (2012)

Prof. Yair Reisner
Prof. Yair Reisner studied molecules of various sugars and sugar-binding proteins called lectins, which allow cells to identify one...