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Yoram Shechter

covert drug molecule

A technique developed at the Institute might keep drugs at optimum levels in the body

Bringing Down Barriers

An unusual protein sequence may help drugs cross the brain-blood barrier

Slow Release

"Chains" that fall away slowly could lead to new time-release drugs

At the Weizmann Institute
Long dedicated to battling diabetes, researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science are studying all aspects of this...
Progress Reported in Developing Compounds That Mimic Insulin for the Treatment of Type II Diabetes
Diabetic patients suffer from a metabolic disorder in which the insulin hormone responsible for...
 Trimming Down the Medicine Cabinet
A molecular "cork" might help drugs stay in the body longer and work better
'Plugs' For Drugs Promise Mightier Medicines
Whether it's one pill several times a day or a self-administered injection, taking medicine frequently can be a major...