The Collection

Bust sculpted by Jacob Epstein. Bronze casting. Gift from the Baron James De Rothschild for Weizmann's 60th birthday in 1934
Chinese statue of a horse. 10th century CE, Tang Dynasty, glazed clay
The Twelve Tribes of Israel, by Moshe Ziffer, 1949. Gift to the President of Israel on the eve of his inauguration from workers of the Sieff Institute.
Dr. Chaim Weizmann’s cylinder hat, crocodile leather briefcase, and walking stick
Portrait of Chaim Weizmann by Sir Oswald Birley, 1934, oil on canvas. Gift to Chaim Weizmann on his 60th birthday from Lord Marcus Sieff

The interior design of the house was decided upon by Vera Weizmann, much to the dismay of the architect, who wanted to plan both its furniture and its interior decoration. Vera Weizmann thanked Mendelsohn for the splendid house he had designed but insisted on decorating its interior. All the furniture and objects in the house are original pieces; most were imported from England or France. Some of the items date from the 18th and 19th centuries. The art collection includes items bought by Vera Weizmann and gifts received by the couple.
With time, some of the objects began to deteriorate, and parts of the original upholstery frayed. The worn fabric of the upholstery and curtains was restored, woven, and sewn anew according to the original designs.