The Presidential Car Vintage Wheels

Dr. Chaim Weizmann's Presidential Car Vintage Wheels
In 1950, Henry Ford presented Dr. Chaim Weizmann with a gift: a royal Ford Lincoln Cosmopolitan car, one in a series of 18 cars of its type, manufactured according to specifications drawn up for the President of the United States. It served as the official car of the President of Israel. After Weizmann’s death in 1952, it was put on display at the Weizmann House.
Due to weather damage and the passage of time, the car’s condition and glamorous appearance deteriorated. Delek Motors Ltd., importer and distributor of Ford Lincoln in Israel, took upon itself, together with the Ford Motor Company, to refurbish the car. The work took 13 months, at the conclusion of which the car was returned to Israel and displayed at the international Automotor Show held in Tel Aviv in 2001.