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Dr Daniella Schatz

A viral infection in marine microorganisms has consequences for the entire planet 

A green fluorescent-labeled protein serves as a marker for autophagy. Autophagy occurs when the protein accumulates within the relevant organelle (left); when diffused throughout the cell (right)

Fatty molecules are made-to-order when a piece of essential cellular machinery is needed 

Mapping cell death: The protein-protein interactions discovered and mapped out in Prof. Adi Kimchi’s lab (red lines are newly-revealed interactions) divulge the wealth of interconnections between two major cell death pathways

A unique method of mapping protein interactions reveals how two cellular pathways are interconnected

Where Have all the Mitochondria Gone?

Weizmann Institute researchers shed light on a crucial step in fertilization


Seed germination involves the reprogramming of the plant’s entire genome

Cells growing under normal (l) and starvation (c and r) conditions. The green spots indicate an autophagy protein that is normally diffused in the cytoplasm, but is recruited to form autophagosomes in response to stress

A cell’s decision to commit suicide involves an exchange of information between two suicide mechanisms

Han-Hai | Sabine Kacunko. Still from an interactive video installation, October 2009
Cellular “trash haulers” are assembled on the spot through a unique membrane fusion process
Illustration: helping hand

When one of the cell’s garbage disposal systems is in trouble, another one lends a hand.

(l-r) Prof. Zvulun Elazar, Tomer Shpilka and Hilla Weidberg. Construction details

The proper assembly of a recycling compartment is critical for the life of a cell.