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Biological Chemistry

It's a Perfect Protein Match
Searching for a soul mate, new friends, or just fresh contacts? Turns out that proteins have similar 'goals.' However, shaking off...
 Trimming Down the Medicine Cabinet
A molecular "cork" might help drugs stay in the body longer and work better
New 'Bacteria Bashers' Wipe Out Infection
It used to be that antibiotics could be trusted to rid the body of a host of bacterial diseases. Today, however, emerging...
Antibodies Know Right From Left
Knowing right from left is essential in many areas of life - even on the molecular level. Prof....
A Marriage Made in Lab Heaven

For Prof. Alex Girshovich and Elena Bochkareva, Israel was a dream come true

The Sting

A deadly killer could be a life-saver in disguise

Prof. David Wallach
REHOVOT, Israel - March 22, 1998 - Prof. David Wallach of the Weizmann Institute of Science's Biological Chemistry Department has...
Protein 'Heroes' Block Genetic Mutations

REHOVOT, Israel - November 12, 1997 - Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science have discovered that two repair...

Therapeutic Effects of Garlic Clarified by Weizmann Institute Research
REHOVOT, Israel - October 14, 1997 - Garlic is believed to work wonders, from fighting disease to keeping away vampires. Now two...
 The Smell of Success

The smelly compound in garlic fights infection. Institute scientists have not only shown how it works, they've synthesized it...