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Biological Chemistry

New Protein Partnership

Weizmann Institute Scientists Discover A New Protein Partnership That Leads to Pediatric Tumor Regression

Stopgap DNA Repair Needs a Second Step

One can have a dream, two can make that dream so real, goes a popular song. Now a Weizmann Institute study has...

Illustration: Flying elephants in the lab

Dr. Michal Sharon launches protein complexes into the air

Prof. Ehud Shapiro.

Charting a cell's family tree can shed light on how cancer develops

(l-r) Tal Gradus, Prof. Michael Fainzilber and Dmitry Yudin. Gearing up

What are molecular complexes thought to exist only in the cell nucleus doing on the nerve axons?

Dr. Avraham Yaron. sensory neuron guidance system

Dr. Avraham Yaron asks how our nervous systems get wired

The enzyme’s structure (blue), revealed via X-ray crystallography, closely matches its computer design (gray). The yellow structure in the center is the substrate molecule the enzyme acts upon
Evolution in a test tube takes enzyme design to a new level
New Technique Gets to the Root of Cancer

Weizmann Institute Scientists’ New Technique Gets to the Root of Cancer - Rehovot, Israel - July 16, 2008...

A Better DNA Molecule

Weizmann Institute Scientists Build A Better DNA Molecule

One Hundred Times Stronger
An engineered version of a natural drug molecule could be much better at fighting cancer