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Biological Chemistry

WOWing the Crowds

A method based on living cells could speed up protein searchs from years to days

 WOWing the Crowds
With a new method scientists can identify novel protein molecules in days rather than months
Left to right: Prof. Ed Bayer, Jonathan Caspi, Rachel Haimovitz, Ilit Noach, Alon  Karpol, Hadar Gilary, Dr. Ely Morag and Dr. Yoav Barak. Designer cellular machinery
A new version of an old cellular machine might help decompose garbage
A Long and Winding Road

Nerve cell need long-distance messengers to carry calls for help following injury

Human (left), Dunaliella (center) and mouse (right) enzymes

Dead Sea bacteria and kidneys share an enzyme structure for salt tolerance

Prof. Michael Walker. Linking fat to disease

A protein links high fat levels to diabetes

Illusteration: HIV at the cell membrane
Lessons from HIV may help to treat the immune system
How HIV Disables the Cells' Call for Help
Weizmann Institute Scientists discover how an HIV protein fragment shuts down an immune response. Their finding may have...
Living with Salt
Scientists link algae salt tolerance to human kidney function.

Life thrives in all...
The Fat Connection

Scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science and in Sweden discover how excess body fat can lead to the onset of...