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Colon cancer

Colon extracellular matrix

The findings might help identify those at extra risk of this cancer and develop means of prevention

Cross-section of the inner lining of a human gut adjacent to a cancerous tumor

The findings suggest that boosting signals in certain cells and not in others might even help treat colon cancer 

Normal human colonic crypts. SMOC-2 expression (red) in the colonic stem cells demonstrates that these cells are localized in the bottoms of the crypts. Bars represent 100 micrometers (left) and 50 micrometers (right)

Some tumor cells in the advanced stages of colorectal cancer adopt a...

(l-r) bottom: Tamar Gross, Prof. Lea Eisenbach, Dr. Esther Tzehoval and Zoya Alteber; middle row: David Bassan and Adi Sharbi-Yunger; top row: Lior Roitman, Mareike Grees and Adam Solomon

New strategies might help the immune system outwit cancer cells

Side Effects
A team of scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science has shown exactly why a new drug that’s been proven...
A New

Research answers question: Why do nerve cell bundles “camp” near the invasive front of colon cancer tumors?


Metastasis of Colon Cancer Cells Reversed In Vitro
Weizmann Institute scientists have succeeded in reversing the metastatic properties of colon...
Mechanism Involved in Causing Colon Cancer Discovered at the Weizmann Institute
REHOVOT, Israel -- May 11, 1999 -- Weizmann Institute researchers have discovered a molecular...